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Federico Caffè
30 maggio 1985

“The economist is the trustee
of a possible civilization
and if vested interests take
precedence over ideas,
however the economist
must be careful to ideas”

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Events & news


Events & news


Grevision Trust Company independent that performs exclusively in Italy a qualified activity within the scope of the trust (Trustee and Protector).


Grevision Trust Company
c.f./p.i. 09548640961

Parma offices:

Via Abbeveratoia, 63/A
43126 Parma
Telefono: +39 0521 039722

Busseto offices:

Via Paganini, 16
43011 Busseto Parma
Telefono: +39 0524 97953

Milano offices:

Via S. Maria Fulcorina, 2
20123 Milano
Telefono: +39 02.6571709/941