Our Customer
  • We turn to owners of assets, also complex and with properties that are articulated, residents both in Italy and abroad:
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals, family office;
  • Families whose members are organized in order to avoid fragmentation of the heritage that often the generational passages involve (succession planning);
  • Families who have the need to distinguish clearly between the family patrimony and entrepreneurial initiatives or who want to delegate professionals with the advice of the management of its assets.

Grevision Trust Company independent that performs exclusively in Italy a qualified activity within the scope of the trust (Trustee and Protector).


Grevision Trust Company
c.f./p.i. 09548640961

Parma offices:

Via Abbeveratoia, 63/A
43126 Parma
Telefono: +39 0521 039722

Busseto offices:

Via Paganini, 16
43011 Busseto Parma
Telefono: +39 0524 97953

Milano offices:

Via S. Maria Fulcorina, 2
20123 Milano
Telefono: +39 02.6571709/941