Grevision Trust Company is an independent company that performs exclusively in Italy a qualified activity within the scope of the Trust (Trustee and Protector).

Functionally connected with the Associated Professional Studio Cerati Laurini & Ampollini, PRevisione srl Grevision Trust Company has developed all the professional skills for the management of complex Trust activities of various nature for which can play in full autonomy the ordinary and extraordinary management of the assets.

Grevision Trust Company has gained significant experience in the field of administration of trust with:

  • Real Estate assets (and artworks) in full ownership, also abroad
  • Shares in full ownership of Family Holding
  • Complex and territorially diversified Assets Managements
  • Insurance Management
  • Problems connected with the generational changeover
  • Beneficial purposes

Management of Trust

Assumption of duties of Trustee and Protector within the framework of The Hague Convention of 1 July 1985, ratified by the Italian Republic with Law 16 October 1989 n. 364.

This activity is implemented through:

  • Management of liquidity/financial instruments
  • Real Estate management
  • Artworks Management
  • Activities Management of equity participations
  • Management of compulsory accounting
  • Management in full autonomy of all the civil law obligations of the Trust
  • Required Bookkeeping of the Trust

Grevision Trust Company independent that performs exclusively in Italy a qualified activity within the scope of the trust (Trustee and Protector).


Grevision Trust Company
c.f./p.i. 09548640961

Parma offices:

Via Abbeveratoia, 63/A
43126 Parma
Telefono: +39 0521 039722

Busseto offices:

Via Paganini, 16
43011 Busseto Parma
Telefono: +39 0524 97953

Milano offices:

Via S. Maria Fulcorina, 2
20123 Milano
Telefono: +39 02.6571709/941